Dear Parents,

The day has come for the second session of camp Merri-Mac! We had a fantastic second run of opening day! Ann and I especially enjoyed talking with so many of our parents as you checked your girls in.

After a year of planning we officially started today with a swim test, followed by fried chicken dinner and cabin songs. It’s always fun to see the girls sing as part of their new cabin each year. Our intermediate camp girls had a special evening, debuting a new shared song. It is clear that those girls were excited to inaugurate a new tradition. You can also feel the excitement building as they prepare to sing tribe songs tomorrow for the first time in a year. After dinner we went up the mountain for initiation.

The new Merri-Mac Seminoles are: Lucy M., Avery S., Amelia E., Anna K., Eli S., Anna G., Grace D. and Emma W.

The new Merri-Mac Iroquois are: Kira M., Maebey M., Ciara S., Camilla H., Preston L., Kaelie D., Elliot G., Ava H., Ella P., Isabelle M., Kaitlin D., Clare O., Anna E., and Neilee B. R.

The new Merri-Mac Choctaws are: Sarah D. A., Lily B., Isabella L., Addie G., Malia M., Campbell E., Greta R. V., Ella W., Kate O., Anabel H., Maria S., Evelyn C., Caroline N., Aurelia C., Avery C. and Lindsey F.

I wanted to end by thanking you again for sharing your daughters with us; we have a great group of girls and we are proud of each of them. We also have some very exciting days lined up so we’ll keep you posted each day.

Great Camping!