One day left


Everyone gathered in The Mike this afternoon to learn about the mystery and mastery of maintenance with Bobby B. All the staff really enjoyed his witty humour, but of course, learning what happens behind the scenes to keep Merri-Mac flowing smoothly. All the staff members got to meet with their cabin counselors and build relationships with their roomies for the summer. They started preparing fun activities for when the campers arrive… get excited!


Tonight was everyone’s night off. Everyone had fun running the streets of Asheville to go get that milkshake they had been waiting all week for and to do a quick target run to grab some last minute toiletries. Social media photographer, Savannah S. is from Australia. We quickly made a run for Chick-fil-A to see her reaction towards this food company she had never heard of. Her reaction was priceless! Spoiler: She loved it. Having the night off helped many of us develop a stronger relationship with one another, not just as friends, but as sisters in Christ.


After coming back and finalizing the activity lesson plans, the Staff enjoyed a movie together in The Chapel. It’s always so fun when were all together as a family. The movie slowly started to play in the background as everyone was talking to one another about how excited they were for campers to arrive. It isn’t long now…. ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT!!


The next morning, everyone had to get up nice and early as we were travelling to Trinity Presbyterian church service. Staff put aside their baggy T-shirts and sneakers and got out the fanciest clothes they brought. We hopped in the Merri-Mac vans and headed for the service. Timberlake staff also came along. We were reunited in the house of God. For those reading this who may have forgotten, our brother; Camp Timberlake, has moved to a different location, about 30 minutes from Merri-Mac. This meant we hadn’t seen them for a little while as we departed on Thursday night. It was lovely seeing the rest of the staff all together again before the big day!


Training didn’t stop there. After we came back to Merri-Mac, we had a few more meetings and lectures preparing us for Monday, when the campers arrive. Adam B., Director of Merri-Mac, worked with the staff to give them wisdom and insight into what camp looks like and how to create a fun and exciting environment for the campers. I just want to say a huge thank you to Adam and Ann B. for investing their time into the staff and giving great lessons not only towards how to run camp, but also amazing life lessons and skills to take outside of camp. Their involvement and integrity goes unnoticed at times. The staff wouldn’t have been able to put this all together on their own without these two shaping us for leadership.


Tomorrow’s the big day! Campers are going to be running through those doors and we’ve never been more excited and prepared.


Savannah P.

Sundrop counselor ‘18