Staff training Week

Merri-Mac is only missing one thing now and that’s campers!!! Staff training week is in full swing here at camp! All over camp Tuesday night, squeals of excitement could be heard as returning staff reunited. It didn’t take new staff members long to join in on the fun, and we all shared a great first meal together followed by some relaxed cabin time to get to know all the girls on staff.

Wednesday, the staff had a day of development and preparation that ended with an all-time camp favorite evening activity- BATTLEBALL!!! Battleball is a fast-paced, high energy game that both campers and counselors look forward to all year long. First time staff member Bayle W. dominated the game with her shocking throwing speed and accuracy. Returning counselor Emily Claire K. was particularly excited about our evening activity and said this about staff week, “I have loved being back at camp, seeing my old friends, making new friendships, and learning how to be a better counselor. One of the best parts was getting to play battleball with everyone; joining new friends and such a wonderful traditional game.” After quite a workout from battleball in the Mike, we headed up to Pippin Hill for initiation. New staff members were welcomed into their new tribes with singing, yelling, and of course, paint. They can now wear their tribe colors with pride.

After a sweet chapel time with Libby R. Thursday morning, all the counselors were drafted into their cabins for the summer! All of the staff was so excited to find out where they will be living and what age group of campers they will be with. In the afternoon, all of Merri-Mac staff had the opportunity to check out the new property of our brother camp, Timberlake. Spoiler alert: It is beautiful! We then enjoyed a time of worship and community with our brothers at Timberlake before heading back to our new homes in our cabins to unpack and get settled.

Friday, the staff learned about what a typical day will look like at camp, which only helped to build our excitement for this coming Monday when camp officially starts. We also started preparing our activities and planning for the fun days of learning and growth in different skills. It is so exciting to see some of our new activities, like airsoft and summer reading, take shape. We can’t wait to see how girls will thrive in these new areas! Summer reading instructor Molly D., a first-time staff member, had this to say about her favorite parts of training week: “My favorite part of staff week has been the people. I’ve loved meeting all the amazing staff that I’ll be getting to know and work with this summer.”

This morning the staff began to put the finishing touches on their activities and perfecting their plans. Right now, the counselors are getting ready to go for their first swim of the summer in Lake Doris for the staff swim test! It’s only two more sleeps until the first campers of the summer arrive, and we could not be more excited to share this place with them! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us with your sweet girls and are praying for safe travels for all headed here to Merri-Mac this summer! See you soon!


Claire S.

Tweedle Dee Counselor ‘18