It’s been a VERY hot, fun day here at Merri-Mac! We started the day with our cabin cleaning, and then we rushed over to the Tucker Inn for a filling breakfast of bacon and waffles. Tweedle Dum announced that their cabin managed to eat forty-seven waffles! All campers left the dining hall after our morning singing with happy hearts and full bellies. We headed up to chapel and sang songs (including my favorite- “Star of the Morning”) and heard an awesome talk from Jessica G. about God’s forgiveness and how he wants us to forgive others.


From chapel, we headed to free time to get ready for our activities for the day. In knitting, girls continued their projects from last class or learned to crochet. Lots of girls are making headbands and bracelets for themselves or to give to a friend. In backpacking, many girls conquered their fear of heights by completing the high ropes course. It was so cool to see girls push themselves to at least try it out while their friends cheered them on from the ground below. Campers in diving class today were joined by an especially friendly butterfly as they practiced their flips and dives.  


At lunch, we enjoyed sub sandwiches with pasta salad, fruit, and fruit dip (or as Tweedle Dee calls it-fluffy stuff). We found out that the best tribe (Iroquois, of course!) won Apache Race on Wednesday, and that Choctaw was the winner of the spirit points. After lunch, we headed back to our cabins to rest and recharge for a fun afternoon.


Rest time was immediately followed by Trading Post time. Madeline W. decided on two Twix bars for her snack this afternoon. We also had a very special treat during free time- Slide Saturday! Today was the perfect day to get in the lake to cool off. Girls rushed to put on bathing suits and head up to the lake to get a spot in line for the water slide. Samantha G. tried it out for the first time today, and now she can’t wait to go back and do it again!


Girls headed off to their afternoon activities after free time. In PAWS, girls got the chance to take their assigned puppy on a walk around camp. Girls in climbing got the chance to attempt the traverse wall and learn knots.


Tonight, we are going to try out a new evening activity called

El Presidente. Girls are super excited to play and cheer for their tribes! It’s been another amazing day here at Merri-Mac, and we can’t thank you enough for allowing your girls to be here to enjoy it with us!


Claire Stevens

Tweedle Dee Counselor ‘18