After an EGGcellent breakfast, the dining hall erupted in cheers from the counselors in anticipation of the big announcement for the day! TRIBE FEST! One of the most exciting days of the summer where the whole camp gets to spend the day in fun tribal games together.

After chapel, the girls ran off to change into tribal gear and paint (and lots of glitter). Our first activity of the day was a new game this summer but already a camper favorite, El Presidente, where each tribe has members worth different points hiding around camp. After that exciting game, tribal trash occurred just before one of our favorite lunches, PIZZA! During lunch there was a three way tie decider from last night’s battle ball by an arm wrestling match by three of the tribal leaders Izzy E., A.G. Horridge, and Hannah W. It had the entire dining hall in cheers and screams! Lunch was followed by an hour long rest time, which was well needed for this day of activities! Tray Po and free time preceded our second game, Base Jumping, which is so fun for all campers and counselors to get into.

The girls spent the rest of the afternoon bonding with their tribes and coming up with new cheers! We had a great dinner followed by the introductions of the new tribal cheers! Adam is picking his favorite tonight and will announce it tomorrow! Our girls are so creative, and it was so fun to see that show tonight.

Tribe Fest will conclude tonight with Minute to Win It followed by cabin time! It was by far one of the greatest days of the summer!

In all of the excitement today, with the tribes being all together, we were able to capture photos of nearly all of the siblings/cousins– so make sure to check those out!!


Blessings to all,

Happy Hollow Counselor & Proud Choctaw– Mills Thumser ‘18