Today has been a beautiful and joyous day filled with love, laughter, and activities at Merri-Mac. The day began in chapel singing songs including the Merri-Mac hymn and hearing a quick sermon from counselor Lucy F. referencing Hebrews 13:5 and how the Lord is our guide and helper when we are lost and afraid. The girls always begin with the love of Jesus and His word poured into them.

Next, the girls all travel to their first couple activities of the day. At kayaking, the girls were learning how to tip the boats and successfully maneuver their way in the water. At tennis, the little girls were working on their bars, which allows them to move up in the ranks and proves their ability level in the activity. All the girls find great excitement in this achievement.

The girls enjoyed a mid-day break at lunch with chicken fingers, fries, and pears. This lunch, followed by rest time and free time allowed for the campers to refresh their minds and  bodies before some afternoon activities. One of the little girls in pottery was making a boat representing the boat that she uses in kayaking which included ten little pottery people in it. Another girl was very excited to continue learning her volleyball skills and Izzie E. stated that the puppies were all very energetic at PAWS today even after taking them on a walk earlier.

Finally, the day concluded with a  much needed dinner of peas, ham, potatoes, and chocolate cake for dinner with a fun game of battle ball to follow in the Mike. All the tribes get very into these nightly tribal games to try to win a banner for their tribe. By the end of the day, everyone can still celebrate with each other and live in peaceful community amongst girls of varying places, tribes, and ages no matter the outcome. Today was a very blessed day in the Mountains here at Merri-Mac.

Hannah L.

Counselor of Tweedle Dot

Instructor of PAWS ‘18