As the bugle went off this morning a buzz of excitement spread across camp. The morning started off right by having cinnamon rolls for breakfast and singing at the top of our lungs. At Chapel girls hugged each other while worshipping. Chapel is a wonderful time to grow closer to The Lord and the friends around us.

An already glorious day, girls ran to their first periods ready to thrive!

In backpacking the girls learned how to build fires, meaning it was time for what girls anticipate all session… S’MORES!! Girls roasted their marshmallows to perfection whether it be golden brown or burnt and gooey. Lucy L. helped find kindling and tinder to build the fire and couldn’t wait to devour her tasty s’more.

All the way up on beautiful Pippin Hill the girls enjoyed a lovely class of Yoga. It was a class of wonder as campers dove into today’s theme: God’s Temple. Yoga is a camper favorite because it allows girls to relax and dive into God’s word. Anna F. says, “Yoga at camp is wonderful because it allows me to find peace in myself and in God.”

Girls were delighted coming to lunch to find out it was mini corn dogs and mac ‘n cheese. As the bell rang and the prayer was said the Tucker Inn was immediately filled with joy and laughter. It was announced it was division night and the girls were ecstatic. Junior Camp will be free swimming, Intermediate Camp is having a PJ Movie Party and Senior Camp is heading to Timberlake for a fun night of socialization and fireworks. Overall, lunch left the girl’s tummies and hearts full.

After rest hour the girls embarked for Tray- Po and free time! Today was Slide Sunday so girls headed straight to the lake to be first in line for the slide. Girls zoomed down the slide making splashes and memories that will last forever. The girls who did not go to the lake spent their time playing tetherball and playing in Tweedle Creek.

In Cooking, girls jumped up and down once they found out they were making cake. The girls take pride when in the beginning of class all they have is ingredients and by the end they have four tasty cakes. Today they made blueberry, pumpkin, oreo and banana cake. Jillian V. says the oreo and blueberry cake were her favorite. Cooking is such a wonderful class here at camp.

Tonight we look forward to our yummy dinner and variety of festivities. We are thankful for everyday at camp we get to spend with our sweet campers. Even though today was a vibrant and picture perfect day, we anticipate another day of excitement tomorrow.

From this Haven,

Abby Baird
Cross Patch Counselor
9th Summer at Merri-Mac
Proud Choctaw ’18