Today was the first fun-filled day for third session at Camp Merri-Mac! We started of the day with a hearty breakfast and songs, then it was off to chapel! Classes began for campers today which means that safety talks and get to know you’s are what start off each period in the day. After these prerequisites, campers got to experience their first time in a kayak, on the climbing tower, or on a horse!

Before lunch, campers had two periods of activities of fun and learning. Here at Merri-Mac, we ate a camp favorite for lunch, tacos in a bag. After lunch, rest time included reading, napping, and writing letters for some and for others the anticipation of trading post. During this snack-filled time we had some afternoon cloudiness and rain which caused the girls to retreat to their cabins for bonding before their next two periods!

Dinner was a success as well with some yummy pasta, rolls, and cauliflower to have more energy before the intense evening activity tribal game: Sock War! This is a big camp favorite with lots of chanting and singing of tribal songs! After this evening activity, cabins will do their first post-evening activity together which will allow for even more quality time with the girls in their cabin as well as their counselors!

Cat Pierce

Proud Seminole ’18