Today at Merri-Mac started out as any ordinary day but led to one of the most eventful nights of the summer. We all woke up to a breakfast of baked oatmeal and lemon poppy seed muffins, which was then followed by chapel. Chapel gives the girls a chance to receive “clean water” while at camp and experience how the gospel is the agent for change. We sang 10,000 Reasons and a few other songs that sets the mood and our minds for a quick morning sermon. Adam Boyd, the director of camp, reminded us of how we as Christians must truly live out our lives. After that, many of the girls had free time while some of the girls had tribal meetings to discuss certain things happening in the day.

Later on, the girls began activities and worked towards their bars in many of their classes. A few girls, Remi S. and Carly G. achieved their gold bars in tennis. This is a commendable achievement because you must accomplish many specific skills and have a strong knowledge of tennis before being able to reach this goal. In kayaking today, they were working on their roll, a challenging feat to be able to accomplish. However, Martha O. conquered this and her excitement was evident by the expression on her face as well as the onlooking lifeguards. She was taught by a sunnyside girl how to do it. Sunnysiders are the oldest group of campers and usually are quite skilled in a number of talents due to their longevity at camp.

Lunch then came next, which was sub sandwiches, fruit, and a pasta salad. After lunch, the girls all went to rest time, a much needed time to nap, write letters to home, read books, or anything else that can be done quietly in a bed without talking. The counselors also participate in this, which is much needed for them to be able to recuperate and continue pouring out into the girls. Rest time is ended by a bugle that means it’s time for candy! Trading Post is the place they run to and from one of the longest lines you may ever see. They all anxiously await their turn to grab whatever piece of candy or drink they desire for the afternoon. This leads to free time. During this time, girls play gaga ball, host tetherball tournaments, and simply have fun being girls.

Finally, the last two activities take place and girls can continue working on whatever they are passionate about. After the last two activities are over, the girls head to their cabins to get ready for dinner. However, tonight was different. Instead of getting ready for a tribal game and painting up for that, the girls got all prim and proper for the Princess Party of the evening. Girls could be seen coming to dinner in their best looking outfits. Dinner was tortillas with rice, chicken, and other condiments. Finally, we were dismissed and the Princess had her party in the Mike, Merri-Mac’s gym. The party was themed Peter Pan, and all the girls got to celebrate with a skit, songs, dancing, and cake. It was then time for evening activity and bedtime. But just like in Neverland, here in Merri-Mac, we never ever grow up and we carry our pixie dust and pep with us always. Long live the joyous girls of Merri-Mac!

Hannah Luke

Little Dipper Counselor ’18