Camp in the winter is much quieter, as you might imagine, but there is still plenty happening! Have you seen our pictures of camp in the snow? We just had our first big snowstorm here in Black Mountain, and we had lots of fun playing and seeing how beautiful the property looks in the winter. It’s not all play though, as we have been busy here in the office hiring great staff, and we have big projects happening around camp.

One exciting project that is almost finished is the renovation of cabins, including Dreams End and Jiggity Jog. We love keeping our cabins updated and comfortable, but still in a style that feels like camp. Over the past few years, we have done work on many of our cabins, and this was the year for Dreams End. The interior has been fixed up, including an updated bathroom and a re-designed counselor section. The exterior still looks the way we know it, but we’ve added on a little porch by the doors to Dreams Begin and Dreams End.

Jiggity Jog is getting some updates too! Both the bathrooms and the counselor section will be re-done. Even more exciting, the pass through tunnel under Jiggity Jig and Jiggity Jog is also being fixed up. We are looking forward to all of these updates and we believe that these sorts of little details make a big difference for our girls.

What else is happening around camp? The barn is getting some updates to include more space. We want our girls to be able to bring their own gear and riding clothes, so we are creating more space for this. Spencer’s Green, and the area up by Pippin Hill, is becoming even more beautiful with some landscaping updates that include the addition of three culverts around camp. These will help with drainage and make the roads around camp easier for parents to drive on when here for opening and closing days.

There’s still one more project in the works for Merri-Mac this summer. We’re doing a re-design of the volleyball court and trading post area. Over the years, we have struggled with drainage of the area near the volleyball court, and also lost a multitude of runaway volleyballs underneath the Tweedle Lodge. We will be flipping the court to be in a horizontal direction to hopefully remedy both of these challenges, and give us more space in the trading post area!

We are excited about all of these updates to camp, and cannot wait to see you all here to experience them for yourselves!


168 days until camp,

Libby Robinson