Each day at camp is unique and fun in its own way. There are days of excitement and laughter and also days of hard work and challenge, which makes Sunday so special! Sunday’s give our campers the opportunity to combine rest and adventure.


Sundays typically begin with the mist rising off the mountains and the sun poking it’s rays through the trees, hinting at a beautiful day – that starts an hour later and includes a breakfast of an excitement inducing tray of cinnamon rolls for each table. Cabin photos were taken after breakfast and lunch so make sure to check Waldo for those darling images!


Chapel is the best on Sunday’s because a cabin gets to tell a story from the Bible to the rest of the camp. This morning, Rainbow girls told the story of Daniel in the lion’s den.


The lake was a hit today!  The sun was out and the temperature was great- each and every cabin area got the chance to free swim, blob, paddle board canoe and more! Some girls enjoyed a Line Dancing class hosted by counselor Hunter S. in the mike – they learned choreographed dances that Hunter has learned growing up! Riflery, Fitness, Canoeing, Dance, EWS, Kayaking, Paws,  and DIY opened their activities this afternoon for girls working on their bars to get a little extra time to advance their skills. We love seeing girls embrace everything that camp is, along with their true selves- this is made easier on Sunday’s when our girls get to choose their adventures!


Girls just got done with Cookout- a meal of yummy hamburgers, hotdogs, pasta salad, chips and of course- cookies! They are now headed up to the chapel to watch their counselors perform silly skits and songs – always a special and exciting evening activity!  


With the sweet day coming to a close, girls will crawl into their beds tonight with the anticipation of what a new week at camp has to offer them!


From This Haven,

Zena Davis

Merri-Mac Social Media Director

Proud Seminole