Last night was a spirited, exciting evening that brought back one of camp’s favorite traditions – tribal volleyball! All the sets were incredibly close, and girls had so much fun using their skills from home and class to compete for their tribes. The girls who didn’t play were able to sing and laugh with their friends while watching the game from prime seats in the Mike balcony.

After this exhilarating evening, many girls slept soundly and woke up early to switch into classes they were interested in trying. Breakfast was a yummy mix of bagels, waffles, and bacon, then everyone headed off to chapel to sing “Oh Pharaoh, Pharaoh” and “Reckless Love”, two camp favorites. Joy S. shared a family story and spoke on how we need to find our worth and joy in God’s heavenly love, not earthly possessions.

And off to classes they went! Today was an interesting mix of beautifully sunny and a splash of rain, but everyone seemed to enjoy the variety. The sun peeked out before lunch for a beautiful morning on the lake, where some girls started to learn their combat role in kayaking and others played on a canoe slide in canoeing!

Lots of girls headed out on trips today! Headed out to the lake for water skiing were Arrington B., Ella B., Whitney G., Marley G., Emily M., and Ana R. A couple of senior hill girls enjoyed a canoeing trip down the river – Grace V., Caroline R., Bryce M., Claire J., Kathryn N., Anna Catherine M., and Carly L. Lastly, Madigan E., Arwen L., Avery C., Crawford W., Julia K., Ava H., and Molly M. headed out for an overnight climbing trip, where they’ll visit a waterfall and cook dinner together on a camping stove.

For lunch, girls enjoyed French fries, chicken tenders, and vegetable soup, and Adam taught the camp how to sing a classic Iroquois tribe song. After rest hour, most of the camp ran down to Trading Post to play tetherball, eat some yummy candy, and hang out with their friends and counselors. Periods three and four were dotted with some rain, but the sun came out beautifully for dinner and evening activity – cabin night! All the girls look forward to getting to know the girls and counselors in their cabin better while doing activities such as making milkshakes, swimming at the Boyd’s house, and many more!

All in all, it was a beautiful, fun day at camp filled with many adventures and new friends.


Molly D. 


2nd year!