I love these two pictures together.

Our mission is experiencing the gospel through friends and adventure and I think these pictures capture that.

First, there are lots of benches and lots of bikes – we do these things together. I like that the chapel screen is up high, because we always sing with our heads up, paying attention to the people around us. I like that the bikes are clean, because details matter, and we know they, and we, will be very dirty on the way home. I like that the chapel is green like our mountains and I like the verse over the pulpit. The Bible is pretty important to us at camp because it points us to the person this verse describes. I like that the trailer has a built-in bike stand because customizing everything lets us keep rolling with the adventure. Most of all, I like how strange it is that there are no people in these pictures because camp is all about people and not seeing them reminds me how much we love having them here!


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