Last night tribal competition started off with an exciting game of The Great Escape! After a close race to uncover the flag hiding in Tweedle Creek, Choctaw pulled out a victory, and won spirit points! The beginning of 3B certainly seems to be Taw Time! This morning was a beautiful, brisk, and bright start to a fun day at camp. After waking up to reveille and cleaning the cabins, the girls headed down the hill to a delicious breakfast of bacon and waffles. The Sunnysiders led us in some favorite camp songs, including, “You Can’t Love One”, “I’m a Villain”, and the “Prune Song”.

Our Social Media staff directed the camp picture this morning, and all the girls looked so pretty in their whites! Julia S. gave a chapel message on God’s protection and how He will work all of our failures into His perfect plan. Once chapel ended, many girls went to the Merri-Mac clothing room to buy some fun Merri-wear! First and second period were filled with lots of safety information and class instruction, with yoga class learning how to breathe deeply, mountain biking focusing on the correct breaking skills, and in riflery they learned the different parts of the gun and even shot some targets! In cooking girls made some delicious brownies, and in pottery they learned how to make pinch pots.

Lunch was a classic – taco in a bag. After some loud and proud tribe songs, it was announced that we would be playing Battle Ball tonight for evening activity! Every girl is excited about helping her tribe get one step closer to the banner, and the Sunnysiders and Dreams girls are gearing up for the SunnyDreams/Staff game, which is always so exciting and fun!

After rest hour, girls ran down the hill to get some yummy candies from the Trading Post, while Stardust, Milky Way, Little Dipper, Cloud 9, Comet, and Big Dipper got to enjoy free swim in the lake! In third and fourth period girls learned tons of new skills and even made news friends in their classes, and then we’ll all head to dinner to prepare for Battle Ball. What a fun day at camp!


Lots of trips went out today as girls practiced their new skills!


On a kayaking trip to the French Broad was Gretchen N., Claire H., Hannah F., Sabrina R., Rhodes R., Gabby A., and Caroline S.


On a lunchtime hike was Violet C., Kelsi H., Elizabeth S., Macy S., Anna Katherine C., Dayton K., Payton C., Georgia G., Georgia G., Miller B., and Georgia Grace N.


On one of the first Merri-Mac swimming trips was Olivia B., Riley M., Angeline S., Clare M., Jenna H., Mina D., Nora M., Lizzie H., Kat C., Zoe H., Isabella S., andIvy C.


Lastly, on a waterskiing trip was Reagan H., Margot P., Mia T., Haven G., Loy H., and Olivia H.


From this haven,


Molly D.