What a fantastic opening day, and what a great group of families! It’s always fun to meet you guys before we get to spend these weeks with your girls. I had one mother say that her girls are their best at camp, and then the younger sister said (referring to her older sister) “yes, she’s always nice to me here.” It reminded me how camp fans the flame of our girls best qualities. And that flame started to grow tonight as the new girls joined their tribes at initiation. 

The new Seminoles are:

Dahlia A.

Alessa A.

Louise M.

Georgia B.

Kendall D.

Poppy S.

Laing S.

Marin C.

Rebecca K.

Bo M.

Ember S.

Celia B.

Megan M.

Hadley T.

Kate N.

The new Iroquois are:

Hollings G.

Margaret R.

Stella B.

Hattie T.

Rylen M.

Abby W.

Bridget C.

Jazmine R.

Jillian G.

Addison M.

Sara G.

Audrey A.

Addie A.

Lillian S.

Morgan C.

Ansleigh M.

Olivia B.

Katie M.

Peyton W.

Margaret H.

Katelyn S.

Ria J.

Maren K.

The new Choctaws are:

Caroline B.

Kate B.

Christien G.

Lila G.

Isabel Y.

Maye N.

Lillian F.

Elise F.

Olivia S.

Palmer E.

Julia H.

Emily Kate B.

Sophia L.

Millicent K.

Sarah W.

Leah R.

Chloe L.

Lillis D.

Sarah M.

MaryAlice A.

Claire N.

Annalee P.

Mary Rogers C.

And the flame will continue growing tomorrow as we start our activities and have our first trips including a backpacking trip to Catawba Falls, a waterskiing trip to Lake James, a kayaking trip to The Tuckaseegee and a climbing/waterfall trip to Snake’s Den. I love it when we get out right away because we grow through adventure and we find adventure in the mountains. 


On a different note, our kitchen staff gets two days off per summer, and yesterday was one of them. So our Expedition Staff took them on an adventure of their own. Half went on a waterfall rappel to Upper Creek Falls and the other half rafted the French Broad. Our kitchen director said she had tears in her eyes when she heard her girls talking about their day. They all kept talking about how amazed they were with what the campers are doing every day. There’s really no way to get camp until you are a part of it, and yesterday that happened for our kitchen crew.


And today it started happening for your girls! We promise to keep the adventure turned up, and the attention to detail turned up too.


From This Haven…