Rise and shine, it’s the first full day of camp! Our girls jumped out of bed as soon as they heard reveille this morning, eager to get the first day started! After chores, we all enjoyed a delicious breakfast, and sang a few of our favorite camp songs, including the “Prune Song” and “Little Willie.” Each camper received her schedule of activities after breakfast, and Moonmist camper CC C. exclaimed that this was the most exciting part of her morning! We heard from Adam in chapel as he discussed the question “Who is God?”  

A few trips went out today! Audrey A., Alessa A., Milicent K., Grace M., Sophia T., and Elise F. went on a waterskiing trip this morning. Stella B., Lillian C., Sarah G., Hollings G., Jillian G., Emmeline C., Haley H., Annabelle S., Ansley S., and Josephine W.  took a hike to Catawba Falls with their counselors!  Bella H., Hayley F., Sarah S., Gretchen N., Lily H., Elizabeth R., and Ansleigh S. ventured out for a kayaking trip as well! Lastly, Grace F., Audrey M., Laing S., Lainey S., Kate M., and Sarah W. all went on a climbing trip!

Since it is the first day of activities, every class began with a safety talk. After their safety talk, the girls in cooking made delicious brownies, and those in climbing jumped right into climbing the upper tower and boulder! In paws, Hollyn C. had the best time playing with Holland the puppy!As the bugle rang, marking the end of 1st period, our girls excitedly made their way to their next activity!  Anna F. and Frances M. made their way up to the archery range, where Frances got to use a bow for the first time ever! She said she was nervous to try it out, but ended up loving it! In pottery, the girls made pinch pots and had the option to decorate them like an animal. Camper Maggie H. made hers into a pig! 

For lunch, we had a camp favorite…Tacos in a Bag! The Sunnysiders led tribal songs and all of our girls sang their hearts out. After lunch, it was time to search for the hatchet! Legend has it, whoever finds the hatchet will win the banner. With that in mind, the girls ran outside to search, and camper Jordan W., Iroquois chief, emerged from the trees holding the hatchet! It was also announced that tonight’s evening activity is…Sock War! After a relaxing rest hour, girls ran down the hill to Trading Post, where each girl can choose one piece of candy and a drink! 3rd and 4th periods brought new experiences for all as girls participated in activities they had never done before, like airsoft, climbing, and fencing! Stella H. had a blast trying airsoft for the first time ever! Those in kayaking all got in boats and learned how to do a wet exit, and those in gymnastics worked on aerials and back walkovers!

Currently, the squeals of excitement can be heard all throughout camp as the Seminole, Iroquois, and Choctaw compete in an exciting game of Sock War. I know they will all sleep well tonight! It has been a great first full day of camp, and we are so excited to see what the next two weeks bring for all of our campers and staff. Happy camping!

Sarah R. 

Comet Counselor

Devoted Seminole