At Merri-Mac, going to bed on July 3rd always feels like Christmas morning! There’s truly no better place to celebrate our great country’s birthday than in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Merri-Mac! Last night was filled with that same joy and excitement as campers eagerly awaited today’s celebration! As we arose to the 7am bugle, there was an infectious energy in the hearts of each Merri-Mac girl as they decked out in their red, white, and blue clothing and accessories. Breakfast followed a camp tradition of “American” waffles (complete with whipped cream, strawberries, and blueberries). The dining hall rang with joy for our beloved country, as we proudly shouted “USA! USA!” throughout the meal. We sang two camp favorite songs: “Darlin’ You Can’t Love One” and “Rattlin’ Bog,” and finished with a lovely camp-wide rendition of our National Anthem. Chapel was led by our camp director Adam, as he spoke about the power of Jesus in our lives, and how only He has the power to heal and protect our hearts.

We had several exciting trips out today as well! On the Greybeard Backpacking trip were Ann B., Anna O., Ella Grace W., Lily T., Ria J., Carter K., Maggie R., Kiera L., Lauren B., Remi S., Gretchen N., and Lucy D. Out climbing today were Grace A., Stephanie S., and Blake H. Finally, on the rafting trip were Georgia V., Sophia T., Poppy S., Laing S., Sailor V., Carlin B., Katherine E., Mildred H., Anna P., Celia B., Callie L., Addison P., Ember S., Anna Claire S., Addie A., Maryalice A., and Olivia B.

As I got ready to head to class, I could hear “Want You Back” by the Jackson 5 and “Love on Top” by Beyonce playing from the dock, and I knew we were in for a great day! I loved watching the excitement the girls had in Diving as they dove with grace and poise! Earning their bronze today in Diving were Annie A., Kate O., Lillian F., Chloe Z., and Madison M. Guitar class brought lovely music to the mountains as campers learned new songs and challenged themselves by learning several new chords!

Lunch today was a camp favorite—pizza! Rather than tribe songs after the meal, we celebrated the Fourth in style, opening the afternoon with the Pledge of Allegiance, and continuing on by singing American classics ranging from “You’re a Grand ‘Ol Flag,” to “Party in the USA,” to “Proud to be an American.” After songs, Evening Activity was announced, which is…Fourth of July Carnival!!! Tonight’s evening activity is one of the best, with a camp-wide carnival full of events ranging from the slip n’ slide, to inflatables, to opening up the lake activities (including the blob and the water slide), face painting, sand castle building, relay races, and snacks including popcorn, cotton candy, and s’mores cones!! What more could you ask for? Full of excitement and glee, our girls headed back to their cabins for rest hour and trading post. The Tweedle cabins had an especially fun time today at rest hour/free time, as they had a sing-along full of their favorite songs featuring ukulele accompaniment, and worked on friendship bracelets.

Afternoon classes brought even more fun, as girls perfected their rolls in kayaking, played improvisation games in drama, worked on their flexibility and leaps in dance, and learned their T-rescue in canoeing! Senior Hill girls threw on the wheel in pottery, while all other campers made beautiful earrings. Cooking class was a personal favorite, as the girls made a classic American meal of pigs in a blanket and mac and cheese! Dinner tonight includes BBQ chicken, cheese orzo, and steamed broccoli. Even at camp we get to celebrate the Fourth of July with the best food around!

I’m off to face painting at the carnival now, and I can hardly wait to witness their sweet smiles and shouts of joy once again! God Bless our campers, God Bless our staff, God Bless you wonderful parents and loved ones, and God Bless America!


“From every mountainside, let freedom ring!”


From this Haven,

Anne Dillon L.

Tweedle Dot Counselor

10th summer at Merri-Mac

Spirited Choctaw

Proud American!