Last night tribal competition got heated over a thrilling game of Battle Ball! It always is a camp favorite, and the girls were so excited to play. There weren’t any spirit points, but the overall winner of an awesome game of battle ball was the Seminoles! The girls woke up this morning excited to start a new and beautiful day at camp. After waking up to reveille and cleaning the cabins, the girls headed down the hill to a delicious breakfast of egg, cheese, and waffle sandwiches. The Sunnysiders led us in some favorite camp songs, including, “Be Kind to Your Webbed Footed Friends,” “Princess Pat,” and “Star of the Morning” during Chapel.

After a fun-filled breakfast, everyone went up to the hill and listened to an excellent chapel talk given by Hunter W. She gave a chapel message on God’s ability to love us and care for us even when we are stubborn. Once Chapel ended, many girls raced down the hill to get ready for their first class! The first and second period were filled many campers trying new things because safety talk day is over. In knitting, many girls started new projects. Tennis there was an epic game of queen of the court, fitness class girls were jogging around camp, and in volleyball, many girls worked on their bars! In cooking, girls made some mouthwatering personal pizzas, and in pottery, some girls were working on the wheel.

Lunch was a treat– grilled cheeses and french fries. After some loud and proud tribe songs, it was announced that we would be playing Counselor Hunt tonight for evening activity! Every girl is excited about helping her tribe get one step closer to the banner. But they are also thrilled at the chance to push their favorite counselor into the lake!

After rest hour, there was a full-on bolt to reach the front of the trading post line! In third and fourth period girls learned tons of new skills and bonded during another fun afternoon at camp, and then we’ll all head to dinner to and be cooked a delicious meal by the kitchen staff. With the excitement of Counselor hunt looming, the girls cannot wait to finish the rest of this exciting day at camp!

Lots of trips went out today as girls practiced their new skills!

On a rafting trip was River L., Paige S., Olivia W., Kate W., Avery L., Reilly O., Angeline S., Zoe H., Lilian R., Blair R., Mia T., Anne M., Ella M., Sophia S., Mary Emma W., and Madelyn B.


On a mountain biking trip was Aubrey W., Page R., Virginia C., and Olivia B.

On the first Merri-Mac fitness hike was Sophie S., Amelia L., Margaret H., Allison F., Allie S., Ella H., Caroline D., Elizabeth W., Abigail M., and Madelyn M.


Blessings with love and care,

Bailey Z.