At the conclusion of all the amazing 4th of July festivities last night, (everything from blob jumps to s’more cones to line dancing fun!!) all the campers fell sound asleep to the gentle patter of rain. The morning began as it always does here at Merri-Mac—wake up, brush teeth, and cabin clean-up. Everyone is eager to get their chores done so they can make their way down to the tetherball courts to play or to the Tucker Inn Porch to socialize. Breakfast was a yummy mix of egg and sausage casserole with oven warmed blueberry AND cinnamon scones as the cherry on top. Just a normal camp day—nothing super special to see here.

Just kidding! Kristie G. announces the big news at the end of the meal: today is Tribe Fest!! All the counselors rip off their sweatshirts to reveal black, red, and yellow tribe jerseys underneath! After all the excitement, the girls are dismissed to Chapel, where old favorites like “Pharaoh, Pharaoh,” “Star of the Morning,” and “Come Thou Fount” create an environment of peaceful worship. Anne Dillon L.’s story of the time her headlamp went out in a pitch-black cave illustrates Jesus’s sacrificial light in our own lives that guides us out of the darkness.

A few trips went out this morning!


Airsoft took a trip to Timberlake!

Ella B.

Emma Lee F.

Nadia R.

Celia B.

Courtney K.

Sailor V.

Kate O.

Mary Bowers M.



Breakfast Hike to Craggy Gardens!

Jazmine R.

Lily F.

Haley H.

Meredith M.

Ruthie S.

Elise F.

Grace M.

Ava O.

Amelia M.

Caroline B.

Cecelia W.


Climbing to Snakes Den!

Elizabeth S.

Abigail M.

Ella H.

Mary Alice A.

Caroline H.

Maggie H.

Kate N.


Water Skiing

Jillian G.

Ansley S.

Georgia V.

Mary Hodges W.

Annabelle S.


Mountain Biking to Timberlake!

Blake H.

Claire M.

Lily S.

Samantha P.

Bella Rose G.

Ria J.

Annie H.

Maren K.

Grace A.

Tribe Fest commences with a classic: El Presidente! All the girls gather around to learn the rules and guidelines, decked in their finest paint handprints and with space buns and French braids practically showered in glitter. All tribes worked their hardest to hide their generals and president and to avoid getting their personal flags pulled, but Seminoles won the day, with Choctaw winning a tie with Iroquois for Spirit Points in the most intense game of rock paper scissors ever! Noon kicked off with a delicious meal of Italian subs, mandarin oranges, and an all-time favorite, French fries! With a flurry of tribal songs, all campers eagerly headed to cabins for an hour-long rest hour.

TrayPo and Free Time pass as usual with Gatorade, Kit-Kats, and all snacks galore, and then it’s off to the courts to watch everyone score in volleyball! It’s so fun to watch how our campers dive enthusiastically into these games, eagerly whispering back and forth about points and big scores even if they haven’t had as much experience with volleyball before. The Mike was alive with many serves and spikes, and between matches, camp playlist favorites featuring NSYNC and the Jonas Brothers were belted out!

Tonight, after a delicious dinner of brisket sliders, baby potatoes, buttered carrots, and angel food cake for dessert, the tribes will finally battle it out in our final Tribe Fest game of…Counselor Hunt!!! Counselors get more creative with their spots every year, some even resorting to the tippy tops of trees! Every find is a point to the banner, and everyone is scrambling for the chance to push their laughing counselors into Lake Doris! Of course, the day ends with a post-evening activity for each cabin, a devotional, and a prayer for all the amazing fun that awaits tomorrow.

The best part of Tribe Fest is that everyone leaves games with Choctaw arms wrapped around their Seminole and Iroquois pals, even closer than they were before through a spirited environment of friendly competition. At Camp Merri-Mac, we work to promote growth and teamwork for our girls in this positive day of fun activity, and in every part of camp life! Just three of a team, like sisters it seems! Side by side.


From this Haven,

Audrey M.


1st summer at Merri-Mac

Proud Iroquois Girl!