It was a Merri Christmas at Camp Merri-Mac. Today our girls got an extra hour of sleep and were woken up by Bobby’s blue truck driving through with doughnuts and hot chocolate. As soon as the girls could hear the car horn and “All I Want for Christmas” playing over the radio, they came running out of their cabins to get in line for their sweet treat. After dancing around, getting pictures with friends, and filling their bellies with donuts and hot chocolate the girls returned to their cabins to find stockings filled with goodies. Christmas spirit was definitely in the air this morning.

First period started like normal at 10 o’clock and boy was it a fun-filled day of class activities. Riding took a nice stroll through camp, the lake activities had a fun free swim day, the girls in paws took the puppies for walks, the girls in summer reading were buried in their books, the soccer girls were playing world cup, DIY was making posters for our upcoming triathlon, and that’s just a few of the many activities having a Merri day at Merri-Mac.

Our lunch today was a Christmas classic of turkey, peas, rolls, and a few other delicious holiday classics. During lunch, we had sign-up for the first-ever Merri-Mac triathlon that will be held this Sunday for Senior Hill and Staff! Our girls are so very excited to watch this event take place. Also during lunch, Kristy G. announced our evening activity of (drum roll)… SOCK WAR!! The whole dining hall filled with tribal chants and cheering. Oh, how our campers love the camp classic game of sock war!

Today’s trips consisted of waterskiing, kayaking, a day hike, and the blue heaven cabin lunch trip. On the waterskiing trip was Betsy V., Kira S., Lilian R., Mae R., Ava H., and Penelope C. . On the day hike was Ella Grace M., Katherine R., Ann Caldwell M., Georgia G., Georgia G., Peyton C., Elliot S., Emma F., Linder S., Miller B., Scout K., Sylvie L., and Bridgid H.. On the kayaking trip was Gemma W., Gabby A., Kennedi G., Sabrina R., Caroline S., Ann B., Merrit G., and Heather C.. On the Blue Heaven Cabin Lunch Trip was Cramer C., Kathry C., Caroline C., Emmaline D., Oleanna E., Abigail F., Cameron F., Elizabeth H., Avery L., Lila Jane L., Reagan M., Caroline S., Anna S., Amelia W., and Mary Emma W..

For dinner, we had a switcheroo of breakfast for dinner. We had chicken and waffles, a fan favorite. Our girls can’t get enough of their chicken and waffles. After dinner, the girls walked up to the TP for White Feather to watch one another get awarded for their new achievements. Then everyone sprinted down to play sock war with tribal jerseys on and socks in hand. It truly was an eventful day filled with lots of fun activities and Christmas cheer.

From this haven,

Rachel Worley