Tribal activities are definitely one of Merri-Mac’s best qualities and a good time for the campers and staff to have some friendly competition. But, cabin night is one of the best evenings for girls, within their cabin and age group, to spend quality time together. Last night was a fun night for everyone to do this, and even the rain couldn’t take our joy away. Many of the Junior Camp cabins spent their night together in The Mike for a big game night and dancing. Some Intermediate Camp cabins played on the slip n’ slide for the night, while others joined with Senior Hill campers for a talent show. Along with the game night, dancing, and slip n’ slide, there was also a waterslide kickball game going on and a trip to the Lake Tomohawk!

Today was a warm and sunny day that is perfect for camp. All activities and trips were happening just as you’d expect. Canoeing, kayaking, diving, and swimming classes filled Lake Doris every activity period. Not many campers on the wood of the dock today because it was warm enough for all campers to want to take a swim in the water. Yoga did have a nice breeze on the top of Pippin Hill to relax and have a restful, cool class. Backpacking class was learning to cook on a stove in the backcountry and had a cook-off between two groups. The groups were making Ramen noodles and adding their own special seasonings to make it the best in the class. The cooking class decided to go for a sweeter food today. They made many flavors of scones including chocolate chip, blueberry, monster, and more.


While this morning was great and the campers were happy, it got even better when finding out today is Christmas Eve. Santa and some Elves ran around the dining hall after eating pizza and singing tribal songs at lunch to announce the news! Campers and staff then proceeded to sing a Christmas song to get in the spirit of Christmas time at camp.


What an exciting night it is going to be as girls begin to get ready and rest for the holiday tomorrow. For evening activity all of the counselors will move from cabin to cabin with candles lit and sing Christmas carols!


A couple of trips went out today to practice the skills we’ve learned at camp.

On the rafting trip was Carlyn B., Sofia B., Brooke B., Jean C., Julia C., Caroline C., Elianna C., Eva D., Maia K., Owen M., Victoria N., Mercedes P., Kathleen S., Sophia V., Betsy V., Dawson W., Penelope C., and Ava H.

On the climbing trip was Paige R., Sabrina R., Avrey L., Frances I., Evy V., Mary Elizabeth G., Ivy C., Elizabeth W., Abigail M., and Madalynn M.

Merri Christmas Eve!

Michelle V.

Backpacking, Tweedle Dee counselor