Our mission is growth through friends and adventure and adventure begins when we do not know the outcome. 

That is why we work hard to give campers the freedom to fail. We believe growth can come from failing first and getting back up to try again. Who has ever learned how to do a perfect dive, shot a bull’s eye, rolled a kayak or nailed a back hand-spring on the first try? We grow through each attempt in a new adventure.

Summer after summer, we develop these skills in hopes that campers will come to love and master them. We see this mission come to life during the summer and, we love when our campers and staff continue to develop these skills in the off-season.

Last weekend a few campers and staff came together for a weekend on the Nantahala. Whitewater kayaking is always an adventure, but it is even more so when you add the second part of our mission: friends; so they paddled down the Nantahala with awesome company. The group included: James B, Jack B, Natalie C, Lizzie C, Ann Garinder H. and Henry B. and together they worked on their skills and enjoying conquering the flow of the river. It was a good time with great people.  We are proud of our staff and campers going out and sharing an adventure together.


Thanks to Leah Custer for capturing these awesome photos, inspiring adventure for those around her and helping give life to our mission in the off-season.

If you are out adventuring this off-season, tell us about it! Adventure is a huge part of our mission and we love to hear how it inspires others. We would also love to share more stories of our camp families experiencing growth through friends and adventure, outside of camp during this off-season. 

Happy camping,