Good evening for one last time this summer! This morning all of the campers woke up to a beautiful sunny day with nice cool temperatures! The cabins were cleaned spotless, and everyone headed down to the Tucker Inn for a breakfast of cranberry muffins, hash browns, and eggs.

At breakfast, an exciting announcement was made- that today was tribe fest! What better way to end camp than a day full of tribe activities! After breakfast, all the girls headed to the lake for the special sunny side chapel.

A few trips went out this morning! Kayaking girls had one last lap on the river with Zoe H., Reagan M., Annabeth M., Anna S., Carine T., Nicole F., and Katherine M.! A day hike went out to Craggy Pinnacle with Mercedes P., Amelia L., Tallulah S., Kennedy A., Wimberly J., Sophia V., Olivia H., Brooke B., and Ashley S.! One last waterskiing trip went out with Lucy C., Dylan C., Claire L., Sylvie L., Lily M., and Katherine R.! It was a fun day playing outside of camp too!

After sunny side chapel, we played tribal trash pickup, won by Iroquois. Following tribal trash, we played a camp favorite, inferno. It was an intense match to see which fire could burn the longest! All of the tribes were fighting to put out the other tribe’s fires while keeping theirs going. Finally lunchtime!

Today, we had turkey club wraps with fries and pineapple. After such a long morning of tribal activities, we had an hour-long rest hour for all the girls to rest up for the next tribal game, El Presidente, another camp favorite and a relatively new game to some. As the game ended, it was off to the tucker inn once more for a hearty meal of chicken Alfredo with sugar cookies for dessert!

After dinner, everyone headed up to the teepee for white feather and final campfire where each cabin shared their favorite memories from the session. Finally, we ended the night at the lake with our traditional lakeside! Today was the best day and the perfect ending to a full summer!

From this haven

Morgan Sarkin

11th summer at camp

Proud Seminole