What a fantastic first day of 2020! I would love to tell you how much great work the staff has done to get us to this point, but the real heroes of the day were our camp families. Every single arriving family jumped right into the system with patience and optimism, and your girls have done exactly the same thing. Ann and I have watched cabin groups all over the camp smiling, laughing and singing their songs. It’s really been fun! As a bit of trivia, our lice check found more girls with bugs than typical; the good news is that we’ve got that covered too! 


Tonight after dinner we had our first initiation of the summer. The new Seminole Chief is Finley M., Elder is Lily T., and Braves are Helen C. and Poppy W. The new Chocktaw Chief is Lily H., Elder is Hayley F., and Braves are Kiera L. and Eliza T. The new Iroquois Chief is Olivia B., Elder is Alli C., and Braves are Lucie K., and Riley T. We also added a new position in our lower cabins called Lookouts. Our new Seminole Lookouts are Campbell M., Katie P., Adeline P., and Caroline R. Our new Choctaw Lookouts are Lucy S., Katie P., Katie Ann M., and Claire K.


After a traditional camp Sunday dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, etc. we headed up the mountain for our initiation ceremony. Our new Seminoles are Presley K., Ambrose C., Lucy M., Lydia M., Drake R., and Ava Tayor W. Our new Iroquois are Afton C., Laney W., Mari M., Bea C., Grace C., Cecilia S., Ann J., Evelyn G., Charlotte C., Isa S., Cordelia N., Caroline M., Annaleigh M., Julia H., and Rachel D.  Our new Choctaws are Caroline E., Emerson C., Ann Baldwin W., Emma M., Claire K., Corinne K., Silvia H., and Naya W.


Tomorrow we roll into our first typical day of camp and the girls are already excited to see their schedules. We have great days ahead so stay posted.


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