Happy Thursday! A little rain can’t stop some Merri Mac girls from having fun! The girls woke up, cleaned up their cabins, and headed down the hill for a fan favorite breakfast, sausage egg and cheese biscuits! After breakfast, it was chapel time where we sang beautiful songs and listened to an encouraging message from counselor Cydia W. First and second periods went off without a hitch! The sun was shining down bright on Camp Merri-Mac as Backpacking worked on tying knots, Tennis worked on team building, and canoeing had fun swamping boats in the lake. We managed to stay rain-free for the first half of the day!

In the Tucker Inn for lunch, it was Chicken nuggets and French fries! To say we ate well today is an understatement! After we ate, the tweedles (dreams girls) led tribal songs in the dining hall, because sunnyside is out on their sunnyside trip today! the winners of evening activities were announced:

Counselor hunt – Seminoles

Spirit Points – Iroquois

And finally, they announced what the evening activity for tonight is! Drum roll….

Lower camp Counselor hunt and upper camp cabin night!

After a very exciting lunch, all the girls went back to their cabins for rest time, and shortly after ran down to get a treat at the trading post followed by Black Bear free swim and third and fourth periods. Climbing was up working at the upper tower, swimming worked on bars, and guitar worked on lots of new songs! We had a little rain shower in the afternoon, but a little rain couldn’t stop our fun!

Finally it was dinner time, lasagna, garlic bread, vegetables, and cookies were served! Excitement was in the air for the fun evening activities rapidly approaching! Overall it was a great day to have a great day!

Trips today:

With love,

MoMo S.


Tweedle Dot Counselor

12th summer at camp