Today was another fun-filled day here at Merri-Mac! The campers woke up to the smell of delicious pancakes. After breakfast, they headed to the Chapel, then first and second period. The fifth day of activities went smoothly! We even had a few trips go out including kayaking, rafting, and mountain biking! The girls made many improvements and enhanced their skills in each activity. 

The lunch bell rang, and the girls were excited to see that it was cheese quesadillas! After singing songs (with buffs up of course!), the campers headed to rest time and then free time and Tray Po! They then continued to earn bars in their activities during their last periods. 

Soon after, it was dinner time, then the first White Feather Ceremony of the summer! After White Feather was Fine Arts Night where the girls could perform an act of singing, dancing, acting, etc.! They had a blast being able to showcase their own talents as well as being able to see all the talent that their fellow campers had. All around the day was encouraging and exciting.

From this haven,

Virginia H.

Social Media Team

Proud Seminole