Merri Christmas Merri-Mac!
Dashing through the camp
In a blue truck filled with doughnuts
Over the hills we go
Honking all the way!
The sun was shining bright, and the birds were chirping this beautiful Christmas morning!  The girls awoke to joyful sounds of Christmas music playing after gaining an extra hour of sleep.  Following tradition, the campers were delivered doughnuts for breakfast in celebration of Christmas in July.
Two trips went out this morning after all the doughnut eating! Maren K., Mollie R., Charlotte C., Molly M., Lucy L., Eliza T., Lucy K., Sarah W., Riley T., and Anna G. went on a backpacking trip, and Collman F., Claire K., Constance S., and Elizabeth W. went on a climbing trip!
The busy campers strived to get their bronze, silver, and gold bars in activities from guitar and dance to climbing and fitness in hopes of gaining White Feather promotions. In dance, the girls choreographed dances with their peers, meanwhile up the hill the sweet puppies were bathed, brushed, and taught how to sit.
For lunch, everyone savored a traditional Christmas meal full of turkey, stuffing, rolls, and green peas!  After lunch, we sang festive songs including Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, and Jingle Bells.  The campers headed up the hill to their cabins for rest-time with trading-post and free time afterward to hang out with their cabin mates. Overlooking the beautiful mountains from Pippin Hill (the highest point on camp), yoga stretched, climbing reached the top of the upper tower, and soccer juggled on the field. Down the hill, guitar class practiced chords and played songs in harmony creating a melodious atmosphere in Bear Camp. Buzzing around camp, fitness ran obstacle courses constructed by the girls while mountain biking practiced going down the hills and doing small jumps.  The girls in DIY crafts focused on their paintings and cross stitching creative patterns on their fabrics.
This evening the campers came into dinner hungry for chicken and waffles after their long day of activities and hard work!  It was a great, healthy, and busy day at camp today!
Thankful for this wonderful Christmas,
Alex Anne White
The Robin
Go Iroquois