Merri-Mac awoke this morning with the sun shining down beautifully upon her. This was a bright and lovely start to another remarkable Merri day here at Merri-Mac! The bugle rang at 7 A.M. and the day officially began. Many laughs and smiles were shared throughout camp during cabin cleanup, while the girls sang and danced through their chores and were ever so eager to hurry down to Tucker-Inn for a yummy breakfast. It was my personal favorite breakfast of baked oatmeal, fruit, and coffee cake! From there, we strolled to Chapel and sang along to camp favorites “The Banana Song,” “Jesus Paid it All,” and “Light the Fire.” The wonderful and kind Cara B. of Rainbow cabin led chapel reading from Isaiah 41:10 and addressing the question of, “Who is Man?”.

I have to shout out my incredible Sunnyside girls for getting a perfect 10 cabin score for the second day in a row! So proud of these gals! Today a rafting trip went out with Sailor V., Elizabeth W., Annie W., Millie H., Claire K., Katherine E., Katie Ann M., Anna P., Caroline S., Constance S., Lauren B., and Frances H. I heard it was an absolute blast! There was a super fun backpacking trip with Gracie A., Lily H., Riley T., Charlotte C., Kat K., Helen M., Haley F., and Samantha P. to a breathtaking waterfall! These Merri-Mac girls were doing all sorts of fun things today. Many girls conquered running the Tomahawk trail, so impressive! In guitar, they were rocking out and working on their open cords for their bronze bars. In fitness, the talented Molly M. is working to achieve her platinum! Drama class was as dramatic as ever as they used their creativity, self-expression, and imagination to work on improv and bars. Our girls in dance expressed themselves through music and movement. Becca P. and Rachel D. danced their way to a bronze bar! In climbing, they worked on friction hitches and knots. Climbing class is a blast because of the endless possibilities for each route. The gals over in soccer were absolute pros today with their insanely talented juggling and shots on goal (I got to witness some future professional soccer players, WOW!). Madi H., Helen C., and Anne M. all got their bronze in soccer!

We all rushed to lunch, where everyone enjoyed some delectable ham and cheese sandwiches, fruit, and these delicious pretzel bites! Tribal cheers and tribe spirit filled the dining hall as girls from both lunch rotations had so much pride for their tribes as they sang their songs. Following a restful half hour, tray-po arrived and was devoured immediately all around camp. So yummy! Throughout the afternoon, these incredibly hard working and talented Merri-Mac girls worked on and did so many things! In Tennis, they worked on backhands and forehands for their bronze. Alright, I’ve got an update on the puppies, they are as cute, sweet, and adventurous as ever. The pups each enjoyed a few leisurely strolls around camp (the pups will sleep very well this evening). Over in yoga, the girls worked on different postures with a focus on balance. The younger girls of DIY made clothes pin animals and our older girls made these beautiful macramé bracelets! Rainey F., Katherine F., Bella W., and Ellie J. each worked on achieving their silver in Lacrosse today. Those mountain biking girls were unbelievable, impressive, and so brave today. They worked on their downhill position and rode down the large grass hill by the chapel and the stairs by gaga ball. Ellie J. got her bronze in mountain biking! Dance was grooving throughout the afternoon to a super fun combo to a Harry Styles tune! Down the hill in backpacking, many smiles and joy were shared as they learned how to use a camp stove to pop popcorn and filtered drinking water from Tweedle Creek. Riley T., Charlotte C., and in backpacking each worked on their bowline, clove, and taught line hitches.

As I sit here and reflect upon the day, I can’t help but smile as I hear an abundance of cheering, smiles, and laughter from our Merri-Mac girls as they enjoy their evening activities. This summer is most certainly a summer that these girls and I will never forget, and I truly believe it will be one of the most important and beneficial ones for your sweet girls. Every morning I walk down to breakfast and am filled with immense gratitude and happiness as I witness immeasurable joyfulness, happiness, and merriment of the girls gathered together smiling and laughing in harmony with one another. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing these magnificent girls with us!

From this Haven,

Hannah Griffin

Proud Seminole (Go Noles!)

14th Summer at Merri-Mac

Sunnyside Counselor