It was splendid Saturday here at camp! We woke up bright and early at 7 am to the bugle. For breakfast, Tina made us a wonderful meal of pancakes and sausage links. Then we stood up on our benches to sing some of my favorites “I Love Little Willy” and “The Prune Song.”

We had a climbing trip go out this morning lead by Macy S. and Zach L. On the trip was Marin D., Palmer M., Emma C., Lilly M. Olivia B., and Spencer C.

In chapel, we sang “Waves of Mercy,” “Reckless Love,” and “Oh How He Loves.” We had a true story with Adam that taught us about how to believe in God’s love. 

On to first period! In pottery, we had a play-clay-day, because we have the final kiln up and running. In second-period yoga, Lizzie H. and Ella M. had their young yogis going through a practice alongside their stuffed animals (see photos for extreme cuteness).

For lunch, we had a classic… Ham and Cheese and pretzel bites! It was a lively and delicious meal (as always) that included spirited tribal cheers led by our lookouts. It ended with an announcement that tonight was Fine Arts Night!

After lunch, we took a much-needed rest hour before digging into Kit Kats and Yoohoos for trading post. And then we headed to third-period where we practiced pirouettes in dance and using water filters in backpacking. We love learning new skills here at camp!

For dinner, we had delicious Thai chicken and rice followed by pudding and energetic cabin songs. The day ended with Fine Arts Night, our camp talent show. We are so proud of all the girls who performed!


From this haven,

Norah McClure

Jiggity Jog CIT