The bugle rang at 7:00 am as the kickoff to a new day at Camp Merri-Mac, the first full day here for the campers who arrived yesterday for Session 3B and the first full day for 3F campers to spend with their new cabin mates. There was much excitement about the first of many delicious breakfasts at camp. We had the classic Sunday breakfast of cinnamon rolls, bagels with cream cheese, fruit, and chocolate milk. Of course the neighborhood bar offered options for those with different taste buds: apples, oranges, bananas, apple juice, orange juice, yogurt, boiled eggs, cereal, milk, and oatmeal.

After breakfast, the girls head to chapel to sing “Pharaoh,” “Blessed Be Your Name,” and “Oceans.” We hear Adam tell a story explaining the beauty and power of the Bible that leads us to go about the rest of our mornings with reverence for God.

A climbing trip to Little Lost Cove left for the day with Scotland (Scottie) B., Kennedy A., Zadie H., Julia K., and Kiera S. in for a grand adventure.

The morning activities thrived in sunshine while kids learned the safety rules of each of their activities and fit some action into their class periods! Backpacking class learned how to prepare and start their own fire (with s’more demonstration as well!) while the DIY classes used yarn to tie beautifully colorful macrame decorations for their cabins and pottery worked on pinch pots, an essential skill for every potter. Knitting class continued their projects or learned how to knit for the first time (what a fun day!). Also, Dana B. got her gold in riflery! The campers went straight from second period to lunch where a camp favorite was served: mac n’ cheese with mini corn dogs and grapes! Warm, delicious tortilla soup was available at the neighborhood bar along with the options offered daily at lunch and dinner: fruit, milk, and a salad. Campers headed to rest time for thirty minutes of quiet in their bunks to write letters, read, nap, and recharge before kicking off the afternoon with candy, snacks, and drinks delivered by the CITs for campers to enjoy from the porch: room service Trading Post! Throughout the rest of free time, cabins played games, explored the creek, set up hammocks, and Julia C. and Ella M. took a few campers from Jiggity Jig, Emily G., Caroline B., Cate A., Lucy J., and Georgia N., to run the Tomahawk trail!

Afternoon activities continued in harmony with a brief sprinkle of rain. While yoga overlooked the mountains in various lengthening poses, among them Candlestick and Crow, climbing had a few girls reaching the top of the tower and PAWS class introduced the girls to the camp puppies accompanied by many cuddles and exclamations. The afternoon was finished off by a classic camp Sunday dinner: fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, and dinner rolls. There was even red sauce and pasta available at the bar. Dinner was followed soon after by two of camp’s favorite evening activities: Gold Rush for lower camp and Sock War for upper camp. As the sun sets over the mountains and tribal songs ring throughout camp, we have completed another fun day at Camp Merri-Mac looking forward to all that tomorrow holds.

Happy Camping!
Molly Kerr
Eighth summer at camp