After some lovely Christmas Eve Caroling last night, today was a day that many campers look forward to all session… Christmas! Campers had an extra hour of sleep today and were woken up with the sound of the Merri Mac classic blue truck filled with doughnuts and hot chocolate. This morning was a beautiful sunny morning, and throughout today we were blessed with warmer weather! The spirit of Christmas was in the air today as the dock played Christmas music throughout the morning, and campers wore their very best Christmas attire to their activities.


There were a few trips today during the day. Audrey G, Courtney W, Lucy L, Enley M, Caroline N, Ruthann S, Addie W, Elizabeth M, Gennie P, Glynes H, Katie Ann M, Reese Z, Eliza D, and Cordelia N enjoyed a backpacking trip. Hannah M, Anna E, Elizabeth W, Kate W, Daire K, and Rachel B went on a climbing trip. The Dreams Begin Cabin also enjoyed a cabin trip!


In Cooking today to celebrate Christmas, the girls cooked red and green pasta. The red pasta is made with a classic red sauce, and the green pasta is made with a pesto sauce. There were also meatballs and parmesan cheese to add on top! In climbing today, many girls attempted routes they had never done before! In fact, Anna S and Adeline P climbed a silver route while working towards their silvers in climbing. Later on, in the morning, exciting things were happening at the dock. Adeline P got her roll in Kayaking, and Elli B got her silver in swimming!


For Lunch today, the campers enjoyed a classic Christmas dinner with turkey, mashed potatoes, and veggies. There was even a special lunch dessert, brownies! The campers then headed to rest hour to recharge before an exciting afternoon ahead.


The dock was indeed immersed in activity this afternoon. Many girls were excited to earn bars in their respective water activities, with it being a sunny day. Mary Hayes C, Liliana E, Elli B, and Laura P all received their Bronze in diving. Elise C received a Gold in diving. Along with their bars, many girls learned individual skills. Sydney C got her double front flip, and Mary Hayes C got her front flip! In canoeing, Lavinia C and Griffin B learned their shallow-water rescues and deep-water re-entries.


After afternoon activities had come to an end, upper campers rushed to meetings with their teams for pirate ball, which is the evening activity for today. Instead of the traditional three tribe competitions, today the campers will play on two teams. The colors are red and green to help continue the theme of Christmas. At the same time, lower campers rushed to the Tucker Inn to eat dinner. Tonight’s dinner is breakfast for dinner, so the campers will be enjoying some yummy chicken and waffle sticks. After dinner, lower camp will play their evening activity, battle ball, and upper camp will play pirate ball.


Saturday marks the end of the week and the beginning of a new one. Tomorrow is Sunday which means an extra hour of sleep and a relaxing day ahead.


From this haven,

Caroline Wilcox