Dear Parents and Friends, 


Today was Tropical Tuesday! The girls came down to breakfast dressed from head to toe in their tropical shirts, hula skirts and sunglasses; ready to face the day whether rain or shine. We had two trips today. The first was a cabin trip and on it was Hallie B, Lucy B, Cooper K, Carolyn N, Eve Q, Taylor S, Elli S, Abigial S, Sarah T, Savannah T, and Lynley T.  On the day hike trip was Sydney B, Eleanor D, Sophia F, Ashlyn H, Lila I, Hope K, Dylan Q, and Ann Calvert W. 


Even though it rained most of the morning activities were still busy having fun! In backpacking, girls learned how to heat water over a camping stove and afterwards got to make hot chocolate. In cooking, girls baked some delicious brownies (we could smell them all the way across the back green!). New knots were tied in climbing. Girls performed in dance in order to earn bars. And the puppies were very energetic. We had greek chicken for lunch which I do admit is one of my favorites. Once we filled our bellies with chicken and war potato chips, everyone headed back to their cabins for rest time. Afternoon activities started just as the sun came out! Volleyball was working on setting and hitting while Tennis played 1v1 matches. I loved seeing girls on the lake use their new skills while they played each other in Pirate ball. 


One of my favorite things about walking around from activity to activity is getting to see every girl at camp trying something new or perfecting a skill they already have. Camp is the place where they can try something they would have never done otherwise and end up loving it. I saw a lot of that today.


Dinner time came quickly! And of course, it was hawaiian meatballs! Evening activity tonight was Carnival – I can hear the girls now out on Mackey’s Green playing games, completing obstacle courses, and enjoying popcorn and cheerwine! I love seeing our girls smile and I am confident that there is no lack of smiles tonight. 


From this Haven, 


Bonnie Gibson


Proud Golden Eagle