Today was another wonderful day at Camp Merri-Mac! The girls woke up to beautiful weather and a fun day ahead. For breakfast, the girls had confetti pancakes and bacon. The girls then went to chapel to sing worship songs and hear Ingrid Peterson’s True Story. Then it was off to a day of fun activities! Bella R., Olivia B., Sylvia B., Ellie H., and Kate O. all started their day on a mountain biking trip. Marjorie M., Anna Lee P., Addison P., Taylor S., Mary Elizabeth S., Ava Taylor W., Ella Grace W., Jane Lane W., and Kiera L. got the chance to raft down the French Broad River. Anna Lee P. says “It was the best trip of my Sunnyside year!”. Last but not least, Stella J., Addison P., Ava R., Caroline M., Maren K., and Eliza T. kayaked down The Tuck. Caroline M. got her first roll down a river!
While the girls were off on their adventurous trips, activities at camp were filled with laughter and big smiles. All lake activities got a full class of free swim today. Girls got the chance to jump off the blob, use the waterslide, and even play with the blow-up pool toys. Rebecca K. even went off the blob for the first time! Layla C. has been working hard in diving and was able to do her inward dive! In archery, girls spent their last class working hard and aiming for the target. Tizzy P., Alessa A., and Lucy P. all got a bullseye in archery today! In climbing, girls got the chance to resell and belay at the upper tower. Lydia M. was able to climb the tower in 1 minute and 1 second! Amazing!! In cooking, girls got to make quesadillas on the grill! In backpacking, girls learned about fire safety and got the chance to make s’mores. Madison K. showed off her skills and started a fire all by herself! During Free Time today, Blue Heaven and Moonmist went to the lake for Free Swim.
Tonight, the girls get the chance to show off their talents in Fine Arts Night! Girls of all ages got the chance to audition and were chosen to perform tonight. Dance and Drama have been preparing skits and dance routines to perform as well. The Robin wrote an original cabin song to perform and Cross Patch is performing a skit they wrote! After Fine Arts Night, Little Dipper will be putting the puppies to sleep!
Once again, it was an amazing day at camp! The day was filled with sunshine, amazing memories, and so many special moments with friends. I can’t wait to see what we have in store for tomorrow (shhh…IT’S TRIBE FEST!!!).
From this Haven,
Kafé Nevill
Jiggity Jig Counselor