It was an eventful, fun first day of camp today at Merri-Mac! Campers had a great time in all their classes, doing introductions, going over safety talks, and starting to learn skills in their designated activities! Today in PAWS class Charlotte C. got to teach 14 week old puppy, Graham, a new trick! Taylor W. got a bullseye in archery and Ellie B. got in a kayak for the first time in a year and learned some new strokes! In trail running the girls got to run Little Hawk and in swimming the girls got to play “star.” “Climbing was so fun today” says Cayleigh E. who beat her personal record climbing the upper tower in under 2 minutes! Nadia R. climbed the upper tower as well and she got her silver in Merri-Move!


There were so many trips going out today! Leaving right after chapel was a Big Dipper cabin trip to lookout mountain.  Kennedy A., Ella B., Kate B., Avery C., Nora F., Zadie H., Wimberly J., Julia K., Grace K., Cana P., Camila P., and Kira S. all got to go on the trip! The hike was about .6 miles uphill to a 360 degree lookout of the mountains. “The hiking trip was a blast! I hope to cherish that moment forever,” said Kate B. Avery C. said, “I loved getting to hike up the mountain and share that special moment with my friends.” Astyn D., Anna H., Marah A., Madison K., Hannah S., Lila Jane L., Nataleigh P., Olivia B., Dana B., Spencer C., and Ellie G. all got to go on a rafting trip today, they loved it and had so much fun! They got to raft section 9 of the French Broad river, which is a class III river with tons of fun intricate rapids.


Pasta and broccoli was for dinner with a hot bar consisting of rice and beans and a full salad bar! After dinner the campers got to gather in the chapel to play an exhilarating game of Tribal Trivia! After their evening activity different cabins got to have their post-evening activity, Sunspot, Rainbow, and Dreams Begin cabins got to make smores at a fire on Senior Hill and Big Dipper got to play battleball and some other fun games at the Mike!