Today was such a great day at Camp Merri Mac! In first period yoga Merri Mac girls enjoyed a relaxing stretch view of the North Carolina mountains. Sunnysiders Caroline D. and Gabby C. said they enjoyed how yoga offered a relaxing and peaceful break from the excitement of camp. Today in archery class multiple girls got bullseyes on their very first tries! Nora A. mentioned that she really enjoyed archery class and was extremely enthusiastic and really enjoyed class. In knitting class, Pearl T. from stardust did a great job relearning knitting techniques after over a year of not knitting.  Another Stardust camper, Helen G., talked about how much she loves her cooking class and explained all about how they made chocolate chip pancakes today! She said they are delicious!

There were a ton of super fun trips going out today. Elizabeth D., Ava B., Courtney M., Georgia D., Grace H.,Sara M., and Sylvia B. all got to go on a backpacking trip today! They said they had so much fun! Trista R., Eliza T.,Camille D., Nadia R., and Madison K. got to go on a climbing trip today!

Tonight the campers will play The Relay Race! This is an all time favorite camp game. It’s a relay race that lasts all throughout camp, it includes kayaking, swimming, gymnastics, hula hooping, and it ends with the chiefs sliding down the slip and slide! The Red Wolves won both tribal trivia and spirit points that last night!