Today at Camp Merri-Mac was full of adventure! Campers overcame some nerves, such as Alexa C., who wasn’t quite sure how she felt about Lake Doris at first, but now loves her swimming class! Emily G. performed a successful wet exit in kayaking class, even though she was a little nervous at first. Other campers are working hard for their bars, like Emma C. worked on her bronze bar in lacrosse today, and is excited to earn it, and Brigid H. is close to earning a bronze in riflery! And some campers are showing their creative side, like Gabby K., who is learning a really challenging new song in her guitar class, but is excited for when she finally masters it. Sofia-Celina B. is also having a ton of fun being creative in pottery class, especially since she’s making a new cup featuring a design she never tried before! All the lower-camp campers in Black Bear Tribe had a lot to celebrate yesterday, when Black Bears won Counselor hunt. One memorial Black Bear, Caroline B., even managed to catch Bobby Boyd, a year round staff member at camp, earning her tribe 43 extra points! But while Black Bears dominated lower camp, the Golden Eagles won sock wars for our Upper Camp girls, with the Red Wolves winning spirit points! All in all it was another merry day at Merri-Mac.