Its a hot one here at Merri-Mac, but nothing can stop our girls from having an eventful and exciting day! The morning started off with the girls enjoying healthy and scrumptious servings of eggs, potato’s, and biscuits. Once plates were cleared and tables were cleaned up, the morning was finished off with fun songs shared around the dining tables. Chapel time was accompanied by beautiful weather, enthusiastic singers, and a true story given by our senior staff member Molly. The message today encouraged our girls to seek the Lord and listen closely to Him; God often speaks to us in 

whispers, which prompts a more intimate and purposeful relationship with Him. With  belly’s and spirits full, the girls are ready to begin the day! 

The session has just begun but many girls are beginning to achieve greatness in their activities! In cooking, many young ladies made french toast with bananas foster from scratch, and not a bite of food was left on those plates. In archery, many new timers and seasoned archers were hitting the target precisely, but the greatness does not stop there. Many ladies were working hard down on the courts, improving their abilities in pickle ball, tennis, and basketball. The girls put in the work today and learned how to serve, how to dribble between your legs, and the difference between backhand and forehand. Up the mountain some other activities were hard at work, but in different ways. In PAWS the girls worked hard to train the Merri-Mac puppies in preparation for their adoptions. 

Only the girls of Merri-Mac will be able to tame those wild pups! From riding, to pottery, to fitness class, hard work and fun was prevalent in all aspects of camp today! 

After all the play the campers MUST refuel before returning to their adventures! Lunch consisted of mac-n-cheese, mini corn dogs, and a (DELICIOUS) salad bar. The girls have been encouraged for the last week to drink not one but TWO glasses of water at every meal and have been doing so wonderfully (Do not worry moms and dads, your children are well hydrated)! Once everyone has enjoyed their meals and conversations, the real business commences…tribe songs. This is where all the campers get to show off their enthusiasm for their tribe! Each of the three tribes sang three songs, and did so with energy and VOLUME (These campers have some strong and passionate voices)! Then…the moment of truth…the announcement of the tribe game. Today’s game will be El Presidente, a crowd favorite! Each tribe hides certain campers who are worth points, and whoever finds and tags the most players from the other tribe wins! (Let’s go Black Bears…) El Presidente is a great game to end a stupendous day here at Merri-Mac! 

No matter the activity, smiles and laughs can be spotted easily throughout this camp. The campers and staff here are passionate about each other and the fun opportunities offered here at camp. Through ups and downs, failures and successes, genuine joy is in the hearts and attitudes of these campers! We at Merri-Mac look forward to seeing these young ladies continues to have joy and grow in all aspects of life over these next two weeks! 


Audrey Hill 

(AKA a PROUD Black Bear tribe member)