Tonight is Fine Arts Night, a once-per-session tradition that campers look forward to all year long. For some, this means performing in front of the entire camp. Campers have planned dance routines, practiced songs, and even have created stand-up comedy in preparation for this event. “I’m singing ‘Some Things Are Meant to Be’ from Little Women,” said Charlotte W., a camper in a pink cowgirl hat. “I think it’s just a really sweet song and it makes me happy. Her friend, Claire K. was also planning to perform for the camp. “I’m singing ‘Rainbow’ by Kasey Musgraves, and I really like the message that there’s always hope,” she said. The theme of Fine Arts Night was Tacky Tuesday, and campers wore items such as mismatched socks with crocs, cowboy hats, sunglasses, and crazy hairstyles. Although the anticipation of tonight has meant an exciting day for some, this has been an ordinary day for many. Stella M. enjoyed all of her activities, specifically kayaking.“I got to hang out with all my friends,” she said. “I got to do a t-rescue in kayaking, which is where you flip and then turn yourself right side up.” In her canoeing class, Katherine B. had free swim and said she went off of the blob four different times. For lunch, the kitchen staff served up a classic camp favorite: chicken sandwiches with french fries. After rest time, campers enjoyed candy from the trading post. In cooking, Mary Hayes C. made red velvet cupcakes with her friends. “They were amazing!” she said. “I loved the cream cheese icing.” It’s been another great day at Camp Merri-Mac!

From this Haven,

Ivy Young