Today began with blue skies and a chilly morning – the perfect start to our first full day of camp. As a camper myself, I remember the excitement and anticipation to get my activity schedule, and my campers brought the exact same energy. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen 12-year-olds so excited to get up and clean toilets, but camp truly brings out the best in these girls.
As everyone flooded into the Tucker Inn for breakfast, we were welcomed with the scent of baked apples and oatmeal, a classic (and incredibly delicious) camp breakfast. Soon after, girls made their way to chapel, and Adam explained how God shows us who he truly is – through Jesus. Girls then charged to tribe meetings, where new initiates were welcomed with opened arms by tribemates and tribal leaders.
Once (most of) the morning jitters were out of the way, girls finally got to go to their first and second activities. Activities today were filled with safety talks and the basics, but it is truly amazing what girls will learn in their activities in the matter of two weeks. Already, girls are climbing on traverse walls, playing pickleball, and learning to make French toast (an incredibly important skill to have in my opinion).
Just like breakfast, lunch was another camp classic: pizza! At the end of meals, we always sing songs. Breakfast is old camp songs that have been around long before I was ever alive, lunch is tribal songs, and dinner is cabins songs, all of which help create a feeling of connectedness and belonging amongst campers. So, we got very rowdy in the dining hall singing tribal songs, then got even rowdier when it was announced that evening activity is sock war!
With full bellies, girls then headed to their cabins for rest time. However, at camp, there is always something to be excited about, so after a much needed 30-minute recovery period, girls sprinted (and that is not an exaggeration) to trading post to get a snack before going to their afternoon activities.
This afternoon, I was blessed to get to walk around camp and take pictures of girls having a ball in their activities. I must admit that any camper looks cute and happy next to a puppy, but these girls truly all have such bright smiles and great attitudes in every activity.
With all of that said and done, it has been a wonderful day so far at Merri-Mac, and I have no doubt that sock war will close out our day on a spirited and energized note.
From the Happiest Place on Earth,
Allie Streck, Little Dipper Counselor