It’s a merry day and a Merry Christmas, Merri-Mac! Santa came last night which means sleeping in an extra hour and waking up to donuts and hot chocolate! After hanging out with friends and enjoying a late breakfast in our Christmas pajamas, we began to head down to Chapel! We sang Christmas carols and heard a message from Izzy Ott. Following Chapel, we were off to activities!
While making my rounds, I stopped into cooking where the girls were making red and green pasta with meatballs! It looked so delicious and very festive! Next, I made my way to pottery, DIY, and knitting where many projects were being created. Some girls were working on making bowls and mugs, others were knitting blankets and accessories with their yarn. It was hard to keep up with all the things going on! I continued to make my way to the dock where diving, swimming, and kayaking were taking place! Thankfully, it was a hot and sunshiny morning, just perfect for a swim! I stumbled into some girls taking the puppies for a walk and later found myself watching an intense game of Sharks and Minnows at soccer class. It was a full morning filled with lots of laughter, adventure, and fun!
At lunch, we enjoyed turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and rolls! At the end of the meal, we sang more Christmas carols to keep in the holiday spirit!
A storm rolled in during lunch and made for a peaceful and relaxing rest hour and free time. We got to spend quality time with our cabins while waiting for the storm to pass!
Tonight, we’re set to play El Presidente so we’re hoping for some clear skies soon!
Rain or shine, we’re having a great day here at Merri-Mac and are loving soaking up all this time together!

-Meg Spickard

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