What a great day to be at Merri-Mac! The weather was warm and sunny all day, perfect for a happy Thursday here at camp!

We started our day off at Tucker Inn, with waffle sticks and sausage. Following breakfast, we headed down to the chapel to listen to a wonderful message led by Adam Kepke, expanding upon the “who is man?” message in Ephesians. Together, we sang the camp hymn and were ready for an awesome day at camp!

Activities today were in full swing! Drama began their lessons on improv, focusing on creative scene work and the ability to think quickly on your feet.

Down at the lake: the diving, canoeing, kayaking, and swimming classes enjoyed the sun, basking in the warm but breezy weather.

For lunch, we enjoyed barbeque sandwiches and coleslaw. It was also announced that the Golden Eagles won last night’s evening activity! In addition, a brand-new evening activity was announced for tonight, “Battle for Middle Earth.” The game is a combination of Sock War, El Presidente, and a choose your own adventure that includes activities like soccer, shot put, trivia, and volleyball! Not to mention – it’s themed after Lord of the Rings!

For dinner, we had egg rolls, rice, sugar-snap peas, and orange chicken. Stay tuned to hear who wins our new and exciting game for this evening!


From this haven,

Mary Miles Lee

(Bear Camp and Drama Counselor)