It’s a merri day Merri-Mac!

Another terrific day here at camp, with warm temperatures and the shining sun! Feeling the heat as it gets further into the summer, but camp continues to be full of fun and adventure!

We started the day off with a delicious breakfast: eggs, bacon, and biscuits, not to mention the fruit/yogurt bar and oatmeal at the healthy bar. In chapel, the sound of the girls‘ singing the Banana Song, Jesus Paid It All, Reckless Love, and the Camp Hymn echoed across the Blue Ridge Mountains, followed by a short message about “who is man?” from Elizabeth Olvey.

There were many exciting events happening around camp today. For an out-of-camp adventure, Tizzy P., Adeline P., Grace S., Ellen G., Lyla J., Candler L., and Uma V. went on a kayaking trip. Archery practiced their ABCs today – Archery: Best Class – by reaching 100 bullseyes in First Session!

By midday, everyone was ready for lunch: pizza day! After rest time and getting candy from the Trading Post, girls signed up for Tribal Volleyball or Tweedle Newcom, our evening activity tonight. Tribes are prepared to battle for points to win the banner later this session!

This afternoon, cooking took a trip to Italy when making pizza and learning Italian trivia. And in PAWS, campers learned puppy first aid; how to measure breathing and heart rates, and how to check for dehydration and ticks. And of course, there were plenty of puppy snuggles!

At dinner, we had pork, peas, potatoes, and chocolate chip cookies before heading to Tribal Volleyball. Stay tuned to hear the winner of this thrilling evening activity!! Thank you so much your girls with us this summer!

From this haven,
Bella Weeks
(Tweedle and Puppy Counselor)