It’s another merry day in the best place on Earth! This sunny Saturday morning was started off with pancakes and a side of friendship and laughs around the table. Next, we made our way up to Chapel to sing our favorite songs, including Reckless Love and the camp hymn, and listened to another true story with Will.

Among cheerful activities this morning, archery practiced precision by determining who would be the Precision President! The archer who could shoot three arrows the closest together by the bugle receives the title. We continued to create colorful and creative stool designs in DIY and learned how to pitch a tent in backpacking. In canoeing, campers learned how to unswamp a boat! (Quite the arm workout!) But the highlight of many campers’ days was the positively posh tea party in cooking! Culinary geniuses whipped up fabulous finger foods to enjoy while sipping (pinkies up) on strawberry, mint, and raspberry tea!

For dinner we enjoyed chicken Alfredo and cheesy garlic biscuits. But don’t worry, we didn’t forget our veggies! Afterwards, we finished up the evening with division night! Tweedles slipped down Mackey’s Green on the slip-n-slide before making s’mores by the fire. Bear camp played Dutch Auction up on Pippin Hill which consisted of impersonating a bunch of different fun things, including their counselors!! Senior hill played Pirate Ball in Lake Doris, an intense game of almost every activity in the water with kayaks, canoes, and rafts galore. It was the perfect way to work as a team with the friends we’ve made so far!

Now, we’re tucked into our beds, looking forward to another day filled with friends and adventure tomorrow. We can’t wait for another day at Merri-Mac!

From this haven,
Abigail Cain