Today was a very special day here at Merri-Mac. Not only was it Sunday, a day of rest, but today we held the inaugural Merri-mac Olympics!

We had delicious cinnamon rolls first thing for breakfast and made sure to drink lots of water to prepare for the upcoming games. To begin the games, we held an Opening Ceremony: Each cabin marched onto Pippin Hill carrying a flag that represented their group and dressed to the flag’s theme! Runners passed the torch from the Boat House all the way up to the cheering crowd!

The first event of the day was a Triathlon, where girls swam 150m in Lake Doris, biked .5 miles uphill, and completed a one-mile trail run. Everyone else cheered the competitors on at each station!

The rest of the day, we participated in friendly competition around all around camp: For Archery, Tennis, Basketball and Fencing, each cabin elected a representative to compete. For GaGa Ball and Tetherball, the Tweedles all faced one another (and they were fierce games!!). At the end of the tournaments, we circled up back on Pippin for the Closing Ceremony, complete with medals and a winners’ podium!!

The following are our outstanding winners in each of our Olympic activities:

GOLD – Lily H. (CIT)
SILVER – Malloy H. (Milky Way)
  BRONZE – Iris Y. (Blue Heaven)

GOLD- Caroline R. (Sunnyside)
SILVER – Charlotte F. (Stardust)
BRONZE – Mckay B. (Moonmist)

GOLD – Allie W. (Cloud 9)
SILVER – Sophie C. (Up Yonder)
BRONZE – Lia B. (Moonmist)

GOLD – Emmie V. (Little Dipper)
SILVER – Mckay B. (Moonmist)
BRONZE – Lizzie T. (Dreams Begin)

GOLD – Rachael B. and Saffy E. (Sunnyside)
SILVER – Emmie V. and Sumner H. (Little Dipper)
BRONZE – Hailey L. and Celia G. (Staff)

Gaga Ball
GOLD – Ava M. (Tweedle Dot)
SILVER – Tynes Marie W. (Tweedle Doe)
BRONZE- Sadie C. (Tweedle Doe)

GOLD – Bet Bet Tuck (Tweedle Dum)
SILVER – Milly Gray (Tweedle Dot)
BRONZE – Liv Brady (Lavender’s Blue)

About 60 girls have brothers at Camp Timberlake, and they spent the day with them for Sibling Day! The sisters got to have lunch with their brothers and then spent an hour enjoying the boys’ lake (and diving tower!).

Finally, we ended the evening with a cookout and Vespers!! The Black Mountain Oysters played us some of our favorite songs and our counselors acted in skits that had us laughing the whole time. Then, we heard another true story with Will about how we don’t need to do anything to earn God’s love and grace.

After Vespers, most campers headed back to their cabins, but Sunnyside and Rainbow held their annual PROM! The theme was “Dynamic Duos!” Sunnysiders paired up with Rainbow girls and came up with the CUTEST costumes – everything from a bar of soap + a loofah to the cast of Ratatouille! The girls danced the night away in the pavilion overlooking Pippin!!

With a day full of fun under our belts we head to bed with hopes for another joyful day at Merri-Mac!

From this haven,
Abigail Cain