A group of 9 campers woke up at 4:45 am to start the day off with a hike up in Montreat to the top of Lookout Mountain to catch the sunrise.  It was majestic and really made you think about how beautiful this world is that God has made.  They made it back in time for a breakfast of pancakes, sausage and strawberries to start the day off right.

The campers enjoyed signing and fellowship in chapel. It was a beautiful day at camp with mild temperatures, a welcome reprieve from the steamy weather, something to be very thankful for.

Campers had a blast all day in their activities developing their skills and striving towards their bars.  For example, in Dance they were working on choreographing dances, in Archery the girls learned about precision and tried to keep their arrows in a tight grouping, the Kayakers were practicing rolls, Canoers were learning how to swamp and un-swamp their boats, in Cheer the girls were supporting each other in their mounts, Climbers were trying to concur the overhang in the Mike, and Backpacking was learning how to pitch a tarp tent.

Mexican Chicken Wraps filled our appetites as we got ready for rest hour after a fun filled morning.  After free time we continued learning, growing and having fun in our afternoon activities.

Dinner was yummy beef brisket, beans, corn and risotto, which fueled our bellies to go for the GOLD in evening activity.  Campers swarmed the camp searching for gold in the Gold Rush, when found they had to stealthily get it in their tribe’s bucket without being stung by a counselor.  If “stung” stories were told by campers and counselors as to whom better deserved the gold.  Golden Eagles dominated the gold weigh in and celebrated in cheers and song!

Campers had quality cabin time in our post-evening activities all around camp.  We are all excited to see what Sunday brings for us.

Your Photography Staff and Black Bear friends!

Earle and Mimi