Today, campers slept in until 8am to celebrate Sunday, God’s day of rest. After
campers jumped out of bed and cleaned their cabins, it was time for a delicious
breakfast. Today, we had a special Sunday treat of cinnamon rolls and orange slices!

After we filled our bellies at breakfast, it was time for Chapel! Today in chapel, the Little
Dipper cabin talked to us about the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, and
how they trusted and obeyed God, even when it was scary.

After God filled our hearts in Chapel, it was time for a Merri Mac tradition, the triathlon!
Campers and some staff competed in a triathlon around camp and were cheered on by
the rest of camp along the route. This is a big accomplishment for those who
participated, and we are so proud of them!

After the conclusion of the triathlon, campers had some free time. Some Tweedles
played tetherball together by the cabins while some Senior hill girls practiced their
volleyball moves. Next, it was off to lunch! Today, we had some delicious Stromboli.
After we cleaned our tables, Staff announced a huge surprise…..Today is Christmas
Eve! Girls were so delighted and shocked to find out! We got to wear our best
Christmas outfits down to dinner, which was a fabulous cookout served by our CITs. At
Vespers tonight, we got to watch funny skits from staff and sing songs by artists like
One Direction. Now, Girls are getting ready for bed, because tomorrow is CHRISTMAS!

We are so excited to celebrate the birth of Christ tomorrow, even in July.

From this Haven,

Cora Hutchinson
Tweedle Dum Counselor