IMAGE CAPTION – having fun at Merri-Mac

First off, we are pleased to announce that camp is building a new waterslide. It will start up at the road and enter the water at the bottom of the rhododendron bank. Big news! I have included a picture of the waterslide (still in its wrapper) up at the canoe hut and will continue to keep you updated as it’s installed.

Tomorrow morning we’re expecting camp to be hidden under snow! There are lots of great hills and Merri and Mac will be chasing everyone who makes it out to sled. Before that happens though Dan will see Jennifer G. and Jen will be with Kaitlyn and Logan R. as they all invite their friends to their homes to learn more about camp! Last week I got to do the same with Mary Katherine A. It was a great meeting and I’m looking forward to welcoming her friends to camp this summer.

We’ve Been Hearing From You

Katherine G. says, “Hey! I am so excited about the new water slide! When did you decide to put that in? Wow! I’m going to get a kitten soon…I’m excited. I really hope Hilary Gibbs comes back, or as most people know her as…GIBBS!!! Please beg her to come back!” I’ll beg, I promise. Carina D. writes, “I can’t wait to come back to camp and see all my friends!” Creigh L. complains “It is now hard to stay awake in highschool after lunch, I miss the best hour.” Samantha L. is celebrating. “I’m in high school this year!! WOOT WOOT! I am going to Merri-Mac second session which will be very different for me because I’m a first session girl all my life…hopin’ to meet some new people in Dreams End…I LOVE MERRI-MAC!! Jennifer G. reports “I am just starting middle school, and next year I am going to camp for five weeks.” She is also running cross country! Finally, Audra C., and Rosie C., emailed to say they had found the Sombrero.

And From the Staff

Kelsey W. reports “Well I made varsity basketball team for a high school and I made volleyball and captain of varsity cheerleading squad also I raised money for my friends and family in New Orleans.” Becca S. is excited that she’s attending a “new High School, specifically for Drama. That’s been a blast. Other than that, just work, friends and planning another ah-mazing summer!” Finally, Megan H. is hoping to transfer to the Art Institute of Colorado

If you want to know more just visit “Macky’s Bulletin Board.” You can get the latest information from your friends and leave them a note as well. You can also keep Merri-Mac up to speed on your latest news by sending it to me through the “what?s new” link

See you at camp!