IMAGE CAPTION – I’m thinking of Christmas at Merri-Mac!

Christmas is a favorite time at camp…maybe that’s why we celebrate every summer too! Our favorite part is that we get to hear from so many campers and staff.

Cameron L. writes that “about a week ago I realized that it was only six months until Merri-Mac started up again; This year I’m going the whole summer, and I can’t contain myself. I just finished exams, and now I’m on break! Christmas is in the air…well as much in the air as it can be when you live in Florida. I’ve been trying to keep up with as many friends from Camp as possible, and thanks to this website I can. Camp is going to be here soon. sooo…GO IROQUOIS!…much love to all and a happy Christmas” Emily B. says “I started high school this year and I love it! I have made a lot of friends so far. Tomorrow is my last day of school for this year!! Also I plan to return to Merri-Mac next year, and I’m really excited.” From Alexa J. we hear, “I skipped a grade and am now in sixth grade, but all my old Stardust friends, don’t worry, I’ll still be with you guys. I’m in Beauty and the Beast at this one acting group, and I play the wardrobe.”

From the Staff:

Autumn, Betsy and Lauren are the latest staff to sign up to return this summer, and we’re starting to hire a few new counselors too. Of course there are some that are not able to return, like Sassy who will be on a Mission Trip to Honduras, but she promises to come back in 2007!

Maggie wrote to say, ” I miss camp…it’s so much more fun than finals! More info about grad school coming soon, then I will know if I get to come back!” We’re keeping our fingers crossed Maggie. Kenisha’s big news is that she is getting married! “I really can’t believe how fast time has gone by. I must say that Merri-Mac was one of the best experiences of my life. I miss it so much that I would consider moving to NC just to be close to all those beautiful girls, with their fun spirits!! Well, I have officially finished my college tenure! Exams are over, grades are posted and I’m done! But Columbia College (SC) doesn’t have a graduation ceremony until May so that will be the final walk. What else is new with Kenisha? Well, I am engaged and getting married on October 14, 2006… Very exciting! I also plan on doing some substitute teaching until I find a permanent job in the counseling field. I love kids, therefore I want to be a youth counselor, so I’m really thinking about adding a Christian Counseling Masters, to my BA in Child and Family Studies,… but please pray that I find uncommon favor with God, and that all will be well as I move on to a new chapter in my life. THANKS for all the great memories! Jen, the pics (from her wedding) were beautiful, I wish I could have been there, Patti-O I miss you, and Adam and Ann thank you so much for MERRI MAC!!!” Autum says, “I just wanted to tell everyone Merry Christmas and I’m so excited to come back to camp this summer as a JC!! I miss y’all so much!” Finally, Brittany writes to say that her family is doing well after the flooding in New Orleans. “We’re doing well and we know that God has a reason for all this. I’m so excited about camp and being there again this summer.”

Merry Christmas!