IMAGE CAPTION – What a difference campers make!

A lot of people wonder what we do all winter long, and most are amazed to learn that the office is very, very busy most of the time. Dan, Jen, Stephen, Ann and I have been spending most of our time traveling meeting with campers and interviewing new staff. I’m on my way today to meet with a potential counselor in Hickory! December, however, is our one relatively quiet month, so it’s the best time to start thinking about next summer. We’re especially doing a lot of thinking about redesigning the canoe dock so you will want to keep checking back to see the progress in action. We also enjoy hearing from a lot of our camp families and we especially love getting your Christmas cards. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Staff News

We’ve heard from a lot of staff recently. Leslie B. misses camp, Morgan C. recommended a great new counselor and Kenisha G. is getting married. Kate H. is enjoying her second year of medical school, Sarette H. has promised to return, Melissa P. is living in New York, and we just hired Mandi H.’s little sister Brie. Elizabeth H. is a freshman at Wake Forrest, Katie R. is interviewing staff at NC State, Emily M.’s sister is getting married this summer. Kate S. wrote saying’ “Hey All! The Selwyn family got our Christmas tree today. Becca has named it Stephen, so I guess it is a him. I have a part in the winter play and am looking forward to the performances in January. I can’t wait until camp!!! I’m actually looking forward to my C.I.T. duties. Honestly, working in the kitchen will probably be pretty fun for me, wanting to go to culinary school and all. Well, better get back to making dinner. Love You!”

We’d love to hear from you too, so drop us an email through the “what’s new” link that you will find on the camp friends. You can also send pictures; we’ll try to add them to our next newsletter.

Great Camping!