IMAGE CAPTION – We love hearing from you at Christmas!

2006 is going to be a year to remember at Merri-Mac! We have a huge number of last year’s girls

already enrolled and more and more are signing up every day. Just in the last week we’ve had 8 of

last year’s campers re-enroll. You should check to make sure that you are signed up to join


From the Campers:

We’ve received lots of Christmas cards and have enjoyed reading what you’ve been up to. Shannon

D., Emily S. and Sarah L. each say they’re already looking forward to next summer. Anne P. found a

vintage 1950’s MM charm that belonged to her grandmother, and Caroline D.’s mom shares that every

summer Caroline “transforms into an Iroquois Indian, and rides horses, climbs mountains, lives in a

creek…” Finally, Charlotte W. writes, “hey amazing girls!! I can’t believe that it is almost

2006!! That means camp is getting very close. I think about you guys and camp all of the time and I

just got back from visiting Nicole P. in Florida. I already had exams before Christmas break but

good luck to everyone who has them after break!!”

From the Staff:

Katie R. made a quick visit over her break from NC State and Anne A. and Gibbs have made it their

New Year’s resolution to write me an email every day, so I have that going for me! Ann M. is our

most recently hired KG and Maggie P. loves Ole Miss and compares her sorority to the Seminole Tribe.

But the big news is…wait for it…Vanessa is engaged! It sounds like everyone has had a very

busy holiday!

Great Camping!